5 Social Media Marketing Techniques that Will Help You Sell Art Online

Being an artist, setting up your own online art store is the first stepping stone towards turning your dreams into reality. However, setting up is the easier part of actually selling your artwork. Marketing of the artwork is quite time and effort consuming however if you possess a unique marketing style, you’ll surely stand out from the crowd. Some of these techniques used by artists from around the globe are listed below.

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Advertising your Social Media

Majority of successful artists sell their artworks through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Having a big following on these places would enable you to have a wider audience and more potential buyers of your artwork. Also, these sites enable interaction between the artists and the buyers hence imparting a positive impact on both parties.

Animated Videos

Mostly buyers won’t scroll or click through pictures of your artwork and would simply skip the hassle. Therefore, having short clear-cut videos made of your artwork would extensively attract a much bigger audience and help your present your piece more effectively. Therefore, having money spared for these animated videos would be quite useful for your artworks.

Use Press Release Services

Hiring a great writer to write press releases for your company would enhance your social media presence by a mile. You can share these press releases with various blogs that might be interested in your artwork. This will not only promote your artwork to potential buyers but would also get you maximum likes and shares for your brand.

Blogging is a Must

Having a writer write engaging blogs on different niches would enable you to attract traffic towards your artwork. The visitors are attracted towards quality content and would also share it on their particular social media accounts expanding your reach to a variety of people from different backgrounds.

Whiteboard Illustrations

Hire a company to make whiteboard illustrations for your brand as they are quite captivating and effective in advertising. Therefore, work on your marketing budget and allocate some to these illustrations as with effort and time, they can generate return on investment in quite a short period of time. However, the success of this technique is dependent upon the type of artwork you’re selling.

In a digitally connected era, use of social media is prevalent in all cultures and corners of the world. Therefore, learn to use it to your benefit and build a brand for your artwork.

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