Selling Art and Handmade Crafts Online Made Easy

Artists and crafters of today are using the World Wide Web to sell their work. There are now a ton of online marketplaces where independent sellers can set up their own shop. Here you can find a variety of items from handmade pillow covers to party favors for your themed event. So these marketplaces are for anyone who creates their own products and wants to find customers who will enjoy them. Most of the websites keep a small percentage of your revenue but the global audience you are given access to more than makes up for it.

Below is a list of popular online marketplaces where any craftsman or artisan can sell their wares.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is currently the biggest marketplace for handmade crafts and creative items. Anything and everything that is handmade is sold on Etsy. The best thing about this platform is there is no membership fee. Etsy only charges a small percentage for listing each item over a period of four months or until it sells. If the item is sold, the percentage is deducted from the sale price.

  1. ArtFire

ArtFire is another great platform for creative minds as you can sell your creations on it. There is no fee for listing items on the website however; there is a monthly fee to keep your online store running. ArtFire supports payments made through PayPal, ProPay and Amazon so your customers have many options when it comes to paying.

  1. Hyena Cart

Hyena Cart is a great place to sell handicrafts as there is no listing fees on the platform. They only charge a nominal monthly fee of $5 to host the store given that it is active. Hyena Cart is a user-friendly website and it is the best place to sell products that are safe for children and good for the environment.

  1. eBay

eBay is an auction site where post ads for products and invite people to bid on it. Crafters and artists are also using the website to sell their creations. You can decide the opening bid or even set a ‘Buy it Now’ amount. The fee charged by eBay varies with each vendor.

  1. Amazon Handmade

Amazon has recently launched a platform for home-based sellers to sell their crafts to the wide audience that the Amazon website has to offer.


  1. Your Own Website

Crafters can even create their own personal website by buying a unique domain name and making it functional for ecommerce.

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